First-class Restrooms Available in All Our Trailers

If you are going on a camping trip or expecting to spend several hours on the road, our trailers offer users the convenience of home, no matter where you’re headed. Mr Biffy LLC ensures first-class luxury in our spacious, comfortable restrooms. The restrooms in our trailers offer both men’s and women’s sides as well as air conditioning, running water, and much more. Call us today at 715-395-4000 to find out all the amenities available when you use our trailers.

Ample Space Available

  • 15-foot executive restroom trailer
  • Designed for size event (up to 500)

Convenience for the Entire Family

  • Men’s and women’s side
  • One toilet
  • Sink
  • Full-length mirror

Feel Like You're at Home

  • Running water
  • Air conditioning
  • Requires access to garden hose and 1- to 20-amp service
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